A finite entity.

An finite investment trust for creating these 10 companies and none more.

10 green employee owned companies for every main street in America.

Art and sports meet entrepreneurism.



JOHNNYGREENSEED.COM 2017 © A ricky and johnny company

Our plans remain exactly as they were when it was written many years ago. They have simply adapted to the times and are firmly committed to a path of creating Ten  employee owned green companies that are not bound to the conditions of a never ending battle of who is right and who is wrong and using the ‘most vicious war taking place among us which is

“The war of words”

It is truth mixed with lies and has done more to destroy than any physical entity ever known.

Words control everything in the physical world and we use them to hurt, to help, to create chaos, to create clarity or to justify whatever needs to be justified and controlled by one over another.


Our story is your story and it is being written together in the here and now.

We have no story other than the one we create together each step we take.

Should you fall, we will help you and yours, should we fall we hope you will help us as individuals and together as a team.

We require the reality of  a support we will take anyway we can and will grow with you hand in hand each step of the way.

The johnnygreenseed project is designed as a trust and will be using the initial funding to create the communications to explain and for establishing legal and associated cost. We will operate with open books and complete transparency and the layout of the structure for each of the TEN concepts.


Taking the best from the past into the future today.